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Talent Development


Talent Concept

Based on the enterprise development tenet of "taking human development as the ultimate goal", we take value as the bottom plate and match the goal oriented performance management system to appoint in combination with personal ability evaluation. SHEMAR fully support the training and development of resources to strengthen the retention of talents and activate the employment atmosphere. Always carry out work with the goal of "hiring the right people" with a fair, just and open personnel management atmosphere and make talent management routine, transparent and institutionalized.


"Taking human development as the ultimate goal"

SHEMAR takes human development as the ultimate goal and the ultimate goal of human resource management is to achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and employees. "Be value only by creating value". The essence of the realization of SHEMAR's goal of 10 billion Yuan in ten years and 100 billion in twenty years is to cultivate SHEMAR people who match SHEMAR's value and abilities. For senior professionals and school graduates, SHEMAR has diversified projects such as "partner system" and "high potential talent plan", which are suitable for the development of all kinds of talents. SHEMAR pays attention to talents and attaches importance to the introduction, training and development of talents. It actively introduces professionals in various fields based on “attracting talents by talents” and continues to develop a sophisticated talent echelon.

Talent Development Channel

Based on the post management system, we designed a double channel of management and professional talent development as well as a zigzag development channel is added for senior management posts. At the same time, the post qualification standard is formulated, which defines the direction for employees' self-development.


Managers need to have professional "breadth" skills. More importantly, they are responsible for achieving business objectives through incentive, development, authorization and resource allocation.

Marketing Specialist
Executive Director
Deputy Manager
Deputy director


Professionals need to have the "in-depth" skills of their profession and improve them through continuous accumulation of technology, knowledge and experience.

Marketing Specialist
Junior Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
Senior Marketing Manager
Principal Marketing Manager