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Founder Profile

Create value for society
to realize the value of your life

I started SHEMAR in 1996 with initially a simple idea of running a good business and making more money.

Over the years, my thoughts have changed, knowing what the pursuit of corporate development is for, and what the greatest meaning of human lives in the world is - that is, to create value for society! This change in understanding is due to our staff, suppliers, customers, industry experts and the leadership of the Party committees and all governmental authorities. It is due to their dedication and support that SHEMAR has grown from scratch and from a small company to a large enterprise over the past 24 years. I understand the reason for such dedication from all parties: we all want to create value for society and thus realize the value of our own lives. You have taught me through your practical actions that only by creating value for all parties concerned can a company win the participation of all sectors of society, thus achieving the goal of creating value together and developing harmoniously!

Thank you all for clarifying the direction of SHEMAR's development, and thank you for letting me know what life is all about. All SHEMAR staff will also always move forward on this path with gratitude, and eventually will return SHEMAR to society.


Personal Achievement

1st Prize of Science and Technology Progress of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce

2nd Prize of Chinese Electric Power Science and Technology

Youth Science and Technology Award of Jiangsu Province

3rd Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Jiangsu Province

Ten Outstanding Youths of Jiangsu Province

Model Workers of Jiangsu Province

Youth May Fourth Medal of Jiangsu Province

Leader of Youth Science and Technology Entrepreneurship of Jiangsu Province

19th “Ten Outstanding Youths of China”

Important contribution experts of China State Grid